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grove fest
You guys know how excited I get when I find out about new events, and this is one of those times! For anyone in the St. Louis area clear your schedule for October 4th, as it is the 9th annual Grove Fest!  Grove Fest is an "outrageously eclectic FREE street festival in the Grove, a vibrant commercial district here in St. Louis located along Manchester between Kingshighway and Vandeventer", and if you are in attendance "expect a diverse set of live music, live and interactive art, fashion shows, street performers, and of course, local food, drinks and wares of the Grove’s and St. Louis’ finest establishments".  

For all of you who are fashion lovers then this event is for you, because our personal friend Dwight Carter will be putting on 2 runway shows in the Fashion Village during Grove Fest, also consisting of live DJ's, vendors, and alternative entertainment for your enjoyment.  If you remember my event post on Graphic! Part II (http://mindofafashionista.blogspot.com/2014/09/graphic-part-ii.html), then you are familiar with the designers participating in this runway show. ENK'd, Steryo Type Clothing, Its Only Medicine, By The People, and MIS (Move in Silence: the fam lol) have come back for a second time to showcase their amazing work styled with fall themed wardrobes.

For the second runway show, it is a mix of designers and boutiques featuring Rebel Tart, Andy J Designs, CLR-MNSTR (love her!), and 7th Street Vintage with fall and Halloween influenced designs!!!

As I said before this event is absolutely free and the location for the runway shows are at
 Boyle & Manchester (outdoors), with seating to the first 50 people.  The time itinerary of these shows are listed below:

2pm: Grove Fest opens
3:30pm: Graphic!
7pm: Designer/Boutique Showcase
7:30pm: DJ's and Alternative Entertainment

ALSO, for any interested fashion student looking for some dressing experience, Dwight needs a total of 8 volunteers to help dress for his runway shows (4 for each show). The times available are from 12pm-4pm or 3:30pm-8pm.  If interested please email him at dwight@rockuniform.com with your information, and probably a good idea to send any experience that would pertain to this volunteer opportunity.

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