Fall Must Haves: Flare It Up with a Flannel+Link Up Party

Fall Must Haves with FlannelWhen I say fashion trends are a never ending cycle I mean it! Something you wore years ago might be something you consider fashionable again in the future, and that is just how I feel when it comes to flannel.  The last time I wore flannel was in high school (about 6 years ago, wow I'm old!).  But flannel is back in, and this time I have found three new and fun ways to utilize the flannel for your everyday fall looks!

LOOK #1:

With this first look, I utilize my flannel shirt as an accessory, wrapping it around the grey knit dress I am wearing.  Any contrasting color such as grey or black will do, as long as it is not the main color in the shirt.

Fall Must Haves with Flannel

Look# 1 is very easy to achieve, and I was able to do so with my knit dress and flannel from Old Navy. All you have to do with your flannel is wrap and tie your shirt at your waist, above your hip bone is good, and you have a great look for the day!

Fall Must Haves with Flannel

Fall Must Haves with Flannel

Look# 2 consists of using the flannel in its intended way, as an actual shirt.  For fall, I combined the flannel with a basic white V-neck from Old Navy, and basic stretch pencil skirt from H&M.  This is very simple which gives room to flare it up with accessories of your choice.  Tip; use accessories of the secondary color in your shirt, so for my shirt that color would be black.

Fall Must Haves with Flannel

Look# 3 is a very casual rendition of the previous look, buttoning up the flannel and switching from the pencil skirt to the distressed, destroyed, and bleached pair of jeans, acquired from Old Navy distressed by me (http://mindofafashionista.blogspot.com/2014/06/diy-ak-version-of-distressed-destroyed.html), that gives a certain edge to this look.  This is great for a night of fun with friends or your boyfriend.

If you're wondering what accessories you can wear, here are some ideas to match what I wore, you can tailor it to your style and color choice:


So after that being said, I want to know what some of your fall must haves are!  Which means...LINK UP PARTY! I'll make this simple from the last time, all you have to do is add your link and grab our button and post it on your blog! Can't wait to see what fall trends you guys are rocking this season!

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