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If you're like me, then you constantly struggle with finding that right skin care product to battle not only your dry skin, but also that same skin that becomes oily one day and flaky the next.  For those of you who can relate, I challenge you to try UltraLuxe Skincare and not say you weren't blown away!

Who is UltraLuxe you say? Well they are "an industry leader and pioneer in luxury and corrective skincare solutions" who "provides natural yet effective formulations to address and transform the most persistent skin issues into healthy, smooth and glowing skin." Developed by father and son team Israel and Nate Dakar, they have combined nature’s finest ingredients and aroma-therapies with the most advanced scientific techniques to bring a reformative skincare experience that delivers healthy skin ahead.

Sinc 1998 the Dakar’s have created over 100 professional and at-home skincare products since 1998 from their Los Angeles headquarters.

UltraLuxe is designed for all skin types, and makes it easy for selecting products that are perfect for your needs.  UltraLuxe will identify your skin type based on their six skin categories which includes: 1) Anti-Aging (Dry to Mature Skin), 2) Maintenance (Normal to Oily Skin), 3)Clear (Oily to Acneic Skin), 4) Sensitive (Irritated Skin), 5) Discoloration (Pigmentation Concerns) and 6) Refine (Texture/Scar Marks), UltraLuxe Skincare is "designed to be intermixed and layered, working synergistically at a cellular level, addressing multiple skin concerns simultaneously. In addition, UltraLuxe offers a variety of must-have sun and body products to protect, repair, replenish and heal from head-to-toe. We offer free skin consultations for customers who have questions about skin issues, skincare regimen, etc. as well."

Featured above are the different products for my skin type including a blue mask and recovery lotion.  Featured below is the customized home regimen sheet that checks off exactly what you need to use from the products you purchased and how to use them (amounts, times of day, etc)

This is a skincare line that is worth trying! I have been using the products for some weeks now and my skin is improving every day!  Please visit their website at, also LIKE on Facebook and FOLLOW on Twitter too to learn more!

Brought to you by UltraLuxe Skincare™ | MINDYS Cosmetics, Inc.

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