Style Tips Tuesday: How to Transition from Summer to Fall

With the beginning of fall. a lot of us, including myself are trying to find ways to keep our summer clothes in our closets just a little bit longer, because lets face it, who has the money to buy a new wardrobe every time the season changes?  If you're like me, the answer to that question is a big fat HELL NO! So in order to give your summer pieces a few more days to live before you back them away, here are some helpful tips on how to transition your summer pieces into fall outfits!

Tuxedo Style Pants
pair it with a long sleeve blouse or blazer
women's tuxedo style pantswomen's tuxedo style pants

Black Shorts
pair with sheer hosiery or go for the bare legs look
women's black dressy shorts

Leather Leggings
pair with a graphic tee or a blazer
women's black leather leggingswomne's leather leggings with blazer

pair with a blazer to achieve and simple but elegant look
women's black jumpsuitwomen's jumpsuit with blazer

Chambray Shirt
pair with a sweater
women's chambray shirtwomen's chambray shirt with a sweater

Summer Dress
pair with a jean jacket
women's summer dresswomen's summer dress with jean jacket

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