Fall Color Trend 2014: Burgundy

Fall is my favorite time of year I must say. Leaves falling, a lot of my favorite holidays, but most of all I love the color trends for fall.  I am really into the settle earth tones, I feel they are a staple color than can be used to create endless possibilities, and the color I love the most would be burgundy.  

Burgundy is a dark red color which name derives from the Burgundy region of France, and named after the Burgundians, a Germanic tribe.  
Fall Trend Alert: Burgundy

I love burgundy for the simple fact that I can wear a color similar to red, but with little intensity to it.  It is very much an earth tone that can be mixed together with other colors such as black, brown, white, etc, and that looks good whether worn as a shirt, a pair of shoes, or as an accessory. It's bold, it's daring,but it's soft, elegant,and simple at the same time.  There's no way anyone could not love the color burgundy! How much do you guys love/wear burgundy? Are you as daring to make it an entire outfit, or do you accent it within your outfit using accessories?  However you use the color burgundy, it;s the right color to wear for fall so you can never go wrong!

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