We've Let the Secret Out with the "Hush Hush" Collection

I know you all are familiar with the Move In Silence brand, making their way into the fashion scene with their hot t-shirts and other apparel.  And in preparation for Spring, MIS has been preparing the brand to hit retail stores all over the US by "executing our strategy of having our products target all demographics, races and genders with bright, bold and innovative designs".  Their new Hush Hush collection contains dye-sublimated t-shirts, baseball t-shirts of various color combinations, along with the polos (women/men), tank top (unisex) snapback caps, jackets, etc.  Visit www.misclothing.com to see what they have in store for the new hush hush collection, and also be looking out for denim products customized by me and Dj personally, in efforts of our new collaboration "Angry Girlfriend for MIS".  Stay tuned!

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