Busy Fashionista? Tips on How to Manage Your Everday Life


School, work, trying to not be a f**k up with it comes to motherhood, having somewhat of a social life while trying to be fashionable at the same time.  These are just some of the things I did and still do on a daily basis.  Being a recent college grad (yay me!) I have been able to actually have time to reflect on how busy I use to be.  Juggling everything I just listed in addition to being a fashion blogger and other endeavors, it gets hard sometimes, so from one busy fashionista to another I've decided to compile a list of tips and tricks on how to manage this busy lifestyle.

Invest in a planner!
I don't care how "hi-tech savvy" you are, because using the ol'pen and paper works good as well.  They have cute yet simple planners available either for the full year, or for a year and a half, and gives you room to write down your daily agenda, meeting times and places, and to do lists.

Plan ahead at night.
If you know your day is going to be hectic with minimum time in between it's nice to plan ahead.  Wash and lay your clothes out for the next day, pack your purse or backpack, and even pack your car with everything in your trunk so you're in and out in minutes.  If you know you'll have minimum time for lunch or a snack pack your own lunch and snacks in your purse to avoid being hungry and grumpy.  If you're going from work to school or vice versa, iron and pack an extra set of clothes or your uniform in your car so you are ready to go!

Syncing apps with your phone is a must.
If you're a fashionista who is constantly on her phone or tablet then it's a good idea to sync apps such as email to your device so you can make sure you don't miss that important message that the meeting was moved or that test was cancelled (been there, done that).  There are other apps that are really helpful such as money management apps to remind you on when you made a debit or credit card purchase or when certain bills are due, or to even alert you when your favorite store has a sale going on.

Schedule events out in advance.
As a fashion blogger I try to attend different fashion events that can be worked around my schedule and my budget.  And so that I don't forget which events I plan on going to, I look up what's going on in my area on apps such as Eventbrite, buy my ticket, and then put in my planner the day, time, and location of the event.  This way you can plan your outfits in advance as well!

Clean your closet out every 6 months.
Because we are fashionistas, we sometimes accumulate a lot of garments, purses, shoes, etc, and half of the time we only put use to these items once or twice.  It's good to review your closet from time to time to ask yourself "are you really gonna wear that shirt again?" If the answer is no, part ways for a more clean and organize closet which saves you time deciding on an outfit.  It can also help your pockets by reselling using apps such as Threadflip which gives you more money to buy things you'll actually wear.

Spares are your best friend!
It might be just me, but I always end up in a bind of some sort and I need a second of something, so it's good to keep spares of chap stick, gum, flat shoes, fabric tape, bobby pins, personal hygiene products, etc that you can keep in your purse or car for when the unexpected happens.

I could go on and on for about a week or so on the tedious things one could do for a more manageable lifestyle but these basic tips work wonders and become lifesavers.  The most important tip I can give is to always take a break and time out for yourself.  Whether that's a five minute breather or a soothing bubble bath at the end of a long day, find something that relaxes you and make sure to set aside time to do so.  My thing is hookah, I take my hookah stick, sit in the car or the basement with my radio and just reflect on the day.  It helps me clear my mind and essentially helps me be prepared to get organized.  Let me know if these tips have helped in some way, shape, or form, and feel free to share your own tips as well!

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