Corporate Chic; 3 Outfits That'll Win In The Office

Getting into the corporate world can be a little scary, and when trying to make a good impression on your co-workers you want to make sure you look depart.  I can't tell you how many times I've been in an office setting and seen women come in like they just came from the strip club...yes it was that bad.  So to avoid just god awful, unsitely mistakes, here are three corporate chic outfits to try the next time you go into the office!
Corporate Chic look #1

The first outfit is definitely one of my favorites.  I love a cute blazer and skinny dress pants because you can keep it very classy but you can dress it up or down depending on the situation or environment that you're in.  This outfit consists of a pastel palette, a cream blazer with a white chiffon blouse underneath and black skinny dress pants.  For shoes you have two options, you can rock the mid lavender pump or the pointed toe lavender flat.  This outfit would do well complimented with gold jewelry and natural makeup, and to top it off an all black square structured bag, good for toting around notes, tablets, and projects from the desk to the conference room and back.

Corporate Chic Look #2

This second look is more so two outfit options.  Once again I am bringing the blazer into the mix, an all white "angelic" blazer that can be paired with the color navy.  On the left, I love this navy floral skirt that will definitely give the office a flare of fun, but for someone who isn't so adventurous, a basic navy pencil skirt will do as well.  If you're going with the floral skirt I would suggest a basic white flat shoe and for the pencil shirt the pointed toe mid pump is great but both shoes will look good with both looks.  Silver jewelry would work best in these outfit choices, and a grey bag not only brings a different color into the mix, but compliments the navy really well.
Corporate Chic Look #3

The third outfit is another one of my favorites,the ever so popular but classic wrap dress.  It's very professional, classy, simple, but essentuates everything about a woman in the RIGHT way.  With this I decided to go with an forest evergreen and on top a basic white/cream cardigan.  Next is the brown knee high boot, it still allows you to be cute and fashionable at work, but you're not showing any leg at all!  And finally the "bowling" bag, great for a casual Friday when you won't have work to take home with you.

Other Workplace Fashion Tips
1.  Never show too much skin.  It can come off as unprofessional and somewhat "young minded"  Always keep an extra blazer or cardigan in your cubicle or car just in case you need to cover up.
2.  If you can't walk in heels, DON'T! Don't be the girl who struggles all day to walk in heels and instead of focusing at the sales meeting, everyone is gossiping about your tip toeing ass not walking right in those heels, just wear cute flats.
3. Develop your own style.  When at work, it's nice of your co-workers or even your boss to notice the little things you always incorporate into your outfit, such as cheetah print, or a particular charm bracelet you always wear.
4. Don't over do it.  This is work, not a fashion show.  And you never want your boss or co-workers to think you care more about your outfit than the project at hand.
5. Keep spares.  I am an advocate of keeping spares, and you don't want to be the one who walks around with spilled juice on the front of their shirt.  Keep basic colored shirts like white, black, and grey in your cubicle or car and extra slacks just in case of an accident...of any kind.  Also keep extra deodorant, makeup, and a lint brush to touch yourself up after lunch or a day out on business.

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