Exclusive Blogger Giveaway!!!


Alright guys, we haven't done a giveaway in a while, but we wanted it to be something different and unique.  And after participating in a few Twitter parties with my fellow bloggers we have thought of a cool new giveaway!  Friday starting at 12pm CST we will be having a Twitter contest called "Name That Designer".  We will post five describing questions for five designers through our Twitter @mofafashionista and then we want each and every one of our fellow bloggers to weigh in on who they think the designer is.  For each question there is a winner and two runner ups.  For each question winner we will do a blogger spotlight + free ad space on our blog!  For each runner up you will receive free ad space on our blog as well! Tell all of your fellow bloggers, make sure to follow us @mofafashionista so you dont miss any of the questions, we will announce each of the winners that night!  Contest instructions will come the night before, if you have any questions until then you know how to find us!

ak brown

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