Fashionable Resolutions for the 2015 Year!

HAPPY 1ST OF THE MONTH! Yes it's officially 2015! Officially a new year, which means a fresh and clean slate when it comes to making fashionable choices! Courtesy from us at #MOAF here are just a few, simple, un-tailored resolutions to make this year a fashionable one!

Don't be pressured into defining your style
You don't have to strictly dress according to being "preppy", "grunge", or any other identifying look.  You can dress one way one day, and a totally different way the next, it's ok!

Never be afraid to experiment with different styles, makeup, etc.
You never know if something looks good on you whether it's a garment, pair of shoes, hairstyle, makeup, etc. unless you try,  The worst thing that can happen is you don't like it and return it, no biggie!

Know your must haves
I'll admit, most of the time I want to dress comfy.  That means yoga or sweat pants, nice graphic tee, boots or my tennis, and my hand bag.  To make any outfit, even your bum outfits look like you just hopped off the runway have 1: a nice staple shirt or blouse, 2: settle jewelry, 3: statement shoes, 4: statement bag, 5: statement lip.

Know your limits!
Do not put yourself through the pain, torture, and possibly embarrassment of a fashion or beauty trend just because it is a "trend".  9 times out of 10 other people can tell when the look just isn't working for someone.  As I stated before don't be afraid to try, but don't feel obligated to try every trend!

Become your own selfie queen!
This is something I will be doing this year.  It's nice to look back on how far you have come, and when it comes to fashion it's fun to see everything you've dabbled into throughout the year.  Try taking a full body shot at least one a week of your outfit, hell you can shoot for once a day if your fits "be on point" like that!  Also do makeup selfies! It's fun and there are sites such as Lookbook that allows you to post outfit selfies and get likes from other fashionistas!

These are some basic resolutions that can be used by anyone.  There's not a specific recipe to style and how to be fashionable, everyone likes different things! Just be true to you and you'll figure out where you fit in! We would love to know what some of your fashion resolutions are this year?  Comment below!

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