Hair Dying: Before, During & After Hair Care Tips!

The decision to dye your hair is kind of a big deal! Not only is it a way to express yourself and make you stand out against the rest, it'll change the way you look!

Now, as much fun as dying your hair sounds and is, there are some preventative measures that need to be taken before, during, and after the dying process because remember, healthy hair is the most important. Here's 7 tips to consider when taking the plunge:

#1. Color in Good Conditions

Before dying your hair, be sure that your hair and/or scalp isn't recovering from any previous damage whether it's from a previous permanent bleach/color treatment, chemical damage from perms/relaxers, open sores on your scalp, or split ends.

#2. Breakage Prevention

The worst thing that could come from the permanent dying process is your hair falling out. How much of a nightmare is that?!? MAJOR right? Before undergoing this dramatic change, in order to prevent another one, be sure that your hair isn't too dry and brittle to color. If your hair/scalp is already dry, the bleach, which is definitely drying on the hair, could cause your hair to literally SNAP off. Your hair should be well conditioned and moisturized months beforehand to minimize the drying affect of bleach and prevent breakage during the process.

#3. Don't Mix the Strong Stuff

If your hair is being bleached, don't color your hair a permanent dye. Those are two very strong processes and will put your hair through so much, that it will fall out! The same goes with getting a chemical process done like a perm or relaxer. Don't use a permanent dye. Semi-permanents are OK to use, otherwise, it's suggested that you wait 6-8 weeks in between each process.

#4. Take a Break

Of course we want to keep our color poppin' and expose as little "hot root" as possible, but in moderation. It is suggested that the wait period between a color and recolor should be between 6-8 weeks. I suggest 10. Give your hair time to recuperate and regain it's health before bleaching/permanently coloring again. It's a pretty intense process on the hair. Have you smelled that stuff?!? Ugh!

#5. Don't Over Process

If you have to bleach/lift the natural pigment of your hair color to achieve the color you're looking to reach, be very careful not to over process your hair. This can cause damage not only to your hair, but your scalp as well. You don't want to rush the process, but you don't want to stretch out the process either. Your hair will become super dry and brittle and could cause breakage.

#6. Feed Your Hair!

Your hair is already a little dryer and more brittle than normal after going through an intense dying treatment. Now what you have to do is work on getting your hair back to a much healthier state by feeding your hungry hair with moisturizing products and oils to help build and retain moisture in the hair and scalp. Keeping your ends trimmed is also important. With the ends being the oldest part of your hair, don't leave them out. This will help in length retention and the overall look and health of your hair.

#7. Protect Your Color

Nothing can be worse than a horribly faded color. The main thing that causes fading is the shampoo. Some shampoos include ingredients like sulfates that can pull not only some of the moisture from your hair, but the color as well. You may love the shampoo that you're already using, but if it isn't a shampoo that helps in color protection, you may have to give it up unless you want to take more frequent trips to the hair salon for a color refresh.

#8. Do Not Try This at Home

Last but not least, pleeease go to a professional. Unless you're a professional yourself, you may not have the understanding of what it is you need to do to reach and maintain the color that you want. At least if your hair falls out, you can blame it on someone else, right?

Those are the tips I have for you Fashionistas! What tips do you have on hair care tips before, during, and after the dying process? Sound off below!

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