Hair Transformation: How I Went from Black w/ a Patch to Oceanic Blue!

Hey Fashionistas! If any of you all follow me on Instagram (click link to follow me!) have already followed along with me on my hair color journey that took place just in time for the new year. What better follow-up post than this, right?!?

In the previous post (Hair Dying: Before, During, and After Hair Care Tips), I went into some of the different steps that need to be taken to achieve that awesome color you're looking for without sacrificing the health of your hair. I had no idea that I was actually gonna go ahead and color my entire head during the writing of that post, but oh how the stars aligned!

So! I always wanted to color my hair blue mainly because it's my favorite color in the entire world and I thought it would definitely make me stand out against the other chicks rocking their natural hair! I was just sooo afraid to bleach my hair cause I heard so many horror stories and about how much work it is to maintain or your hair will fall out kinda thing. Eeek! Right?

Well how about I stop yappin' and share with you, my Fashionista friends, my hair color trip!
First and foremost, my hair was healthy enough to undergo such a transformation. I had stayed on top of keeping my hair and scalp moisturized way beforehand so it was already in a pretty healthy state. I also had gotten my ends trimmed a couple of weeks before so I didn't have any split or damaged ends.
Secondly, my hair was colored by a professional who knows what she's doing. She just so happens to be my awesome little sister!

So! One of first things she did was line my edges and coat my ears with Vaseline to protect my skin from being stained by the hair dye in case of bleeding during application. She then parted my hair into four sections, mixed the developer (she used 40 volume on my hair) and the powdered bleach (warning, it smells HORRIBLE!) and began applying the bleach to my hair using an applicator brush.

To the left, you can see my hair after the application was complete. You can see that the top left section hasn't yet turned, but is turning blonde. Yikes! I sat with the bleach on my hair for about 15-20 more minutes after I got this picture and then rinsed my hair and shampooed it with a sulfate-free, argon oil shampoo and I came back to the chair. I forgot to apply a conditioner and let it sit, but that's definitely a must! Fortunately, the shampoo had my hair nice and soft!

Now it's time for the color, but first, let us take an usie! She used Ion Color Solutions Semi-Permanent Hair Color in the color Aqua. All of the utensils used in the last step were cleaned and she applied the color with the applicator brush and once finished, I sat with the color in my hair for about 40 minutes before rinsing it out until the water ran clear.


TAAA-DAAA! Here is the result right after rinsing!

And here is my hair after a flat twist-out hair style the next day with a beat face!

Now don't forget! Healthy hair is the most important! Right before styling my hair, I used products that included proteins and oils that serve the purpose of bringing moisture back into my hair to prevent dryness and breakage.

Share your dyed creations and hair coloring ideas with me and your fellow Fashionistas!

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