DIY Saturdays: How to Dye Your Hair Extensions AT HOME!

ombre hait extensions

As a woman who loves to experiment with my hair I have recently been introduced to the world of weave.  So far I've gotten the same 12/14" blonde ombre Remi hair which I have realized costs way more than the basic single colors.  After researching and asking around I discovered you can dye your own weave at home, which (if you follow directions/know what you're doing) could be very cost efficient, easier than dying one's own hair, and healthier for your hair as well as these chemicals will not be going on your scalp, kind of a win win situation!  For those of you who want to try, here is the step by step instruction guide on how to dye your hair extensions at home!:

What You'll Need:
Hair Dye
Plastic Bowl
Applicator Brush (optional)

1.  Comb threw the hair to get out any kinks and tangles.
2.  Mix the hair dye and the developer into the plastic bowl, making sure the mixture is well mixed together before applying to the hair.
3.  For an ombre finish, I suggest sectioning off your hair with a clip or rubber band on where you want your ombre to start, then apply the mixture with your hands (while your gloves are on of course!), then comb through the hair with the dye on it.
4.  Once you have applied the desired amount of dye onto the hair, place the hair in a plastic bin or towel and let sit.  Depending on what dye you purchased determines the sit time so read the box/bottle carefully!
5.  After the hair has sat for the allotted amount of time, rinse the hair in warm water, and then apply a conditioner.  I suggest a moisturizing conditioner because you do want this hair to feel soft and silky and the dye can damage this hair as much as it can damage your own, I suggest Pantene or Tresemme Color Treated Conditioner.  Comb through the hair with the conditioner on it and then rinse out with cool/cold water.
6.  Last but not least it is time to dry your hair.  You can either use a blow dryer or allow your hair to sit overnight to dry.

I will be trying this very soon, as I am experimenting with a new, bold color! Tutorial will be coming also! And in the meantime stay tuned for more DIY Saturdays on how to achieve the latest fashion, beauty, and home looks for less!

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