Designer Spotlight: Kris Cole of Prominent Sanctuary

prominent sanctuarySt. Louis gets overlooked sometimes as a center of fashion and style, but from the past fashion week in October, we can say that is not true at all!  And going to a school downtown you're able to see, breathe, and be surrounded by evolving talent everyday.  And one of those talents I had a pleasure of meeting and being around for a brief time.  Destini Gamble or "Kris" as she goes by is the creator and designer for Prominent Sanctuary, which means "the importance of being confident, comfortable, and secure in who you are and what
you wear".  

Destini focuses more so on women's apparel with this clothing line but is making the transition into menswear.  She defines her line as a mixture of fashion and art.  And it seems like this talented designer has been having the best first of the new year by booking 4 shows! Way to go Destini!  She will be showing her spring collection in the Red Winter Fashion Affair, the Sing & Strut Fashion Karaoke Event, Rush, and Erotica Fashion Xperience.  Please be sure to go and support this young talent, and more information, including purchasing tickets is available through the links below!

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