The Soap Thats Washes All Your Sins Aways (We WISHED!)

Tom Ford Beauty Products

I'm still somewhat of a makeup/beauty newbie so my thought of "high end" beauty products would be something along the lines of Dove, but apparently I'm just wrong.  Scrolling through Facebook I see that Tom Ford has launched a new line of beauty products, including Tom Ford Oud Wood Bar Soap.  Now until today, I never knew of a designer who had their own bar soap! Like will this soap make me more fashionable? Will this soap wash away all my sins? For $35 it better!  Tom Ford has also included in the new line of products conditioning beard oil, bronzing gel, and oil-free daily moisturizer (which so happens to be $105).  At these prices some may wonder are you really paying for great skin care and beauty products or are you just paying for the Tom Ford Brand?  What do you guys think?  Would you pay $35 for a bar of soap or $105 for moisturizer from your favorite designer? Let's weigh in!
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