Contouring 101: How to Contour Your Face for Beginners!


So you guys know I'm like a makeup newbie and everything, and I literally bought a "contouring kit" and I don't know what it is or wtf contouring means?  After looking it up and realizing how important contouring and highlighting the features of your face are, I hit Youtube to see how to do so, let's face it Youtube and Google are life, and most people would be dead without these two.  So if you're like me wondering where to start when it comes to contouring and the proper way to do so check out these two videos I snagged from Youtube.  The first video is by AlexandrasGirlyTalk, she does a lot of great makeup tutorials and "for less" beauty treatments so definitely check her out.

The second video is tailored to not just my African American viewers, but if you;re someone with a more darker, pigmented skin tone, this contouring video is for you, brought to us by 
she does some fab makeup and hair tutorials that I love!

If you have your own contouring techniques please share!
ak brown

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