Matte Nail Review

Am I the only person who has seen this type of nail style (maybe because I stalk people on Instagram all day and find great stuff)?  A type of finish that takes the shine out of the nail color, better known as matte.  People in the fashion industry are familiar with matte finishes all the time, and now it has trickled down into being apart of a girls beauty routine, how exciting!  I've gotten matte top coat many of times, and I love it!  It gives your nails a unique look, it dries faster than regular clear top coat, and people always notices your nails with it on.

Matte Polish or Matte Top Coat?
Me personally I suggest getting a top coat just because matte polish can go all the way up to $20-30 a bottle, and you can get a quality matte top coat for $5 and under.  The polish featured above in Sally Hansen Big Matte Top Coat for $3.99 at Target, and does the job so well.  This way you can use your top coat on any color you want also.

What Colors to Try?
Pastels are dark colors work really well with a matte top coat, especially a black, navy blue, burgundy, pastel pink, lavender, something even white.

DO NOT get this from the nail shop!  They will charge you at least $5 to put one coating of this one your nails when you can get the whole bottle for this price! I always suggest to bring your color and coat with you to get your nails done, it shaves down on your cost and you ensure you get the color you want, not the ugly colors they have there, ewww!

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