Rihanna vs. Topshop: Rihanna WINS!

 Of course when a celebrity blows up, the perks of being a celebrity is getting things made after them, which includes merchandise.  But everyone knows YOU DO NOT MAKE THINGS BASED ON SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT!  Topshop must not have received that memo as they produced and sold the famous t-shirt of Ms. Rihanna on the left.  After discovering this, Rihanna wasn't gonna let that happen, because let's face it, she's bad girl RiRi, don't cross her. Rihanna sued Topshop's parent company Arcadia for $5 million dollars over the shirt that featured a pic from a photo shoot she did in 2011, and in July 2013 she won her case.  Now you would think this is the end right, well not from what I have been seeing from the infamous "Instagram Boutiques".

On the right is a t-shirt featuring a different picture of Rihanna from the same photo shoot in 2011, the ever so popular middle finger shirt.  After doing research I can't tell if selling of this shirt is legal or not, but all I'm going to say is you guys better make sure you have your ducks in order!  Because trust...no matter how many t-shirts you sold on your Instagram boutique, you won't have enough money to pay the bad girl herself, ok!

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