The Curse of Being Blessed: Shoes to Compliment Big Footed Women!

As a woman with big feet (size 11 to be exact), it's so hard to find shoes that feel good, and look good at the same time!  Fortunately thanks to the good people behind design house, boutiques, and mass merchandising stores, they see the need for more stylish shoes for women who have had their shoe size grow over time, or for us who have always been blessed.  Check out these tips and shoe styles that will compliment big footed women!

High to the Sky
When you wear high heels, your foot is being elevated at an angle, which makes your foot look shorter to the eye.  So the higher the heel length, the shorter your foot will appear.  If you're not the type to wear high heels I suggest getting a staple pair you can wear with any outfit that will be very comfortable, and get a lot of insoles!

Color is Key:

When having big feet, treat your feet as you treat your entire body.  For example dark colors are great for big footed women, and you can do a dark color with a cap toe to bring in a pop of color.

No Pointed Toes!:

I am guilty of this because I love the look of a pointed toe, but for big footed women, it only accenuates the length of your foot even more.  Since my foot is more wide than it is long I can get away with it, and if you find yourself drooling over those pointed toe pumps, just make sure they are high enough to balance everything out.

Embellishments = NO NO!:

Just like the points in a shoe, embellishments such as straps and buckles bring attention to the size of the foot, instead try a simple peep toe heel.

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