Style Tips: What to Wear to a Fashion Show

For me, the first sign that I've somewhat made it in the fashion industry was being invited to a fashion show.  That's where everyone who is anyone is going to be, drinking, mingling, and having what seems to be the best freakin' time ever (and it is).  But the question I am always asked when inviting someone to attend these things with me is "well what should i wear?".  This question is one of the most important questions anyone will ever ask...ever.  On one hand you want to look like you belong but on the other you don't want to go so over the top everyone knows you're a naive fashion student looking for attention.  So what do you do?  Well check out the tips below that'll hopefully answer the question on what to wear to a fashion show:

You do not want to be the girl hobbling around for the entire show because your feet are begging God to end their misery.  Fashion shows, including the before mingling session and possible after party can go on for hours, especially if it's fashion week.  I suggest wearing comfy shoes!  If you're really dying to break in those new pumps that you just copped I suggest bringing a backup pair of flats or sandals that coordinate with your outfit.  Take as many body selfies as you can before your feet start to ache so that way you still have memories for Instagram before the god awful moment of when the pain kicked in.

Simple is always good
Unless your a top dog in the fashion industry in whatever city you're in, then you don't want to come trying to steal the spotlight.  This is not the club or the bar, and no matter how dressy you may look, most of the important people came for the other important people, the rest of us are just squatters.  I always suggest a nice simple look, one color theme, something like that.  I always tend to do all white or all black mixed with a pop of color.  It's easy for me and gives me more room to style.

Add your personal flare
If you're known for wearing fedoras, or your collection of small chained cross body clutches, this is the time to show off that style.  If you make connections with the top dogs (especially for someone like me as a blogger) they may not remember your name, but they'll remember that certain thing that describes your fashion personality.

I can't begin to explain how many girls I know who have been yelled at by professors for showing up to fashion week in something you would wear to the booty club.  Bless their hearts, they had every good intention to come and be professional, but the clothing didn't show it.  Skin, as far as cleavage, high midriff, or the butt should never be shown, it's just inappropriate.  Even though the fashion industry is being dominated by our younger generation, many of these people were put into their positions by our fashion elders who still show up at each and every event.  It's just not professional, and very embarrassing.  If you're ever in doubt about an outfit, either bring a jacket/blazer or simply just change!

Dress in layers
I say this more as an option but this is something I personally do.  I never know how the venue is going to be, just like when you go into a restaurant.  It may be hot it may be cold, it may be raining when you leave to go to your car.  I always suggest dressing in layers just to be on the safe side, a nice blouse and blazer is great, and if you end up not needed the blazer simply take it off.

Small over big
I am that girl who carries a big handbag at a show so I know personally the truth to what I am going to say.  Always try to go for a small clutch vs. a big bag.  For me it's beneficial because I am usually there reporting or for some type of blogging matter and need to bring a few items, but most of you are just going to enjoy the collections, shop, and get drunk.  You don't want to look like a bag lady, with your purse getting in the way.  It gets heavy, your arm starts to hurt, and you don't have the energy to drop your purse off in the car so you lug it around.  The best handbag for a fashion show is a strapped crossbody/clutch.  It's small but big enough for your wallet, I.D., phone, deodorant, and makeup, and you can easily move around with it across your body.

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