Walgreens or CVS?: Where to Go for a Makeup Drugstore Haul

I have come to love cosmetics, in every way they come.  From lipsticks to stains, foundations to blush sticks, and everything in between.  But let's face it, my income cannot support me splurging my wants to be in Sephora each and everyday.  So to accommodate, I always make my monthly trip to the drug store, where I can get the same name brand cosmetics for a fraction of the cost.  Two of the most visited drugstores across the U.S. would be Walgreens and CVS, which so happens to be two of my favorite places to go when it comes to getting my cosmetics on the low.  Lately however, I have been leaning towards one more than the other, specifically Walgreens over CVS, and there are some key reasons why:

Selection of Products

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In general, Walgreens and CVS have most of the same products when it comes to cosmetics, Revlon, Covergirl, the big name brands.  But for some reason when I go into a CVS some of the other brands such as Wet n' Wild or Almay are either non existent or in such a small section to where you miss it.  The picture to the right show what was bought between both Walgreens and CVS, I only found 4 lipsticks from Almay appealing, everything else came from Walgreens.  A lot of the brands that sometimes can't be found at CVS are the cost efficient brands that have great wear to them, such as Wet n' Wild, which is what I found at Walgreens (to the right).  Everything I bought was mostly $1.00 except for the lip stains which were $2.99 each, but still, that's a great deal compared to every other brand. and from what I found in CVS, I don't think they had anything under $4.00.

The price between the two companies are relatively consistent, I just believe Walgreens gives better sales/markdowns on the prices.

I want to say this is keeping in mind that CVS is younger than Walgreens, but it seems as if there is a Walgreens on every corner.  Mind you CVS is definitely trying to catch up, but until that happens, Walgreens (at least in my area) is more convenient for me at this time.

What about for you, do you prefer Walgreens over CVS or is it the other way around?  Better yet, is there anything drug store that beats these two out completely?  Let us know in the comments below!!!
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