ChiccTalk Premieres Next Friday!


Hey, hey, HEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Are you guys listening? (well reading but you know what I mean), we have an important announcement! We are very excited to announce that along with our blogging buddy TheBargainBeauty we will be airing our first podcast series! It's called ChiccTalk: Blogger Edition (I know kind of corny but so what!) and will premiere next Friday March 3rd at 5pm CST.  Our actual airing time will be every Tuesday thereafter at 2pm CST.

The whole purpose and the structure of our new podcast series is to one, give an actual voice to both of our blogs.  We want you guys to know who we really are, our personalities, and our thoughts, and two, to just have a fun, realistic discussion about fashion.  As bloggers it can be hard for us to voice how we actually converse with each other through a post, but with this podcast you're going to hear the nitty gritty, cussin', laughing, the works!

Our first topic will be "How to Dress", and this is centered not only on tips and tricks we give on different situations such as dressing for an interview, dressing for an event, or going to the club, but we talk about the annoying and ugly trend violations YOU GUYS as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers and friends commit on a daily basis!

While we're still getting everything set up we would really love it if you guys went and liked our Facebook page and also checked out our Soundcloud page as well.

Also shoot us an email at and let us know what you want us to talk about or what you want to hear!  Thanks guys for the continued support and tune in next Friday!

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