Fashion Finds: ALDO Edition


If you know me you know I love a good purse, and at an affordable price as well.  ALDO is my one stop shop when it comes to just that.  And you know I shop in ALDO way too much when after 5 months of not being in the store the sale associate recognizes me as that fashion blogger (that made me so happy).  Even though they are known for their shoes (hints the name I recognize them for their handbags.  Quality, chic, trending bags for under $100, most of them being $50-60.  This trip to ALDO did not disappoint and I wanted to buy the whole store, from fringe to flare, pastels and neon colors, this season's bags are on point!

I picked up some great staples I feel can be incorporated into many outfits from this neon fuschia Badada wallet, this taupe Imaal satchel, the midnight black Nosis backpack, and last but not least this beautiful black and gold metal Guttilla necklace.  I wanted to get different things to accommodate my wardrobe the best and also the different outfits I might put together.  I'm telling you ALDO is the place to go, I just love everything about them!  Does anyone else love ALDO as much as I do?  Share your pics and comment on your favorite products from them, we will be having a giveaway exclusively for ALDO coming up very shortly!

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