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Fashion Police, most definitely. has been having some hard times lately.  With the controversy over Giuliana Rancic comment regarding Zendaya's faux locs, that has led to the announcement that Kelly Osborne would not be returning to the show (for obvious reasons).  Now it looks like Kathy Griffin is making her way out as well which has prompted several rumors that Fashion Police will be cancelled.

First and foremost, the comment that Giuliana Rancic made about Zendaya's locs were highly inappropriate, and I feel a little mad because not too long before this incident, Wendy Williams (who I hate) made a very rude comment about her weight, but as we all know she has been battling cancer for some time now.  I came to defense for her, and now she wants to say a comment that was indirectly racist?  Oh no honey you do not have my support any longer.  No matter what you thought you said, it's about how it is perceived.

The show should not have continued after the death of Joan Rivers in the first place.  The fact is Joan Rivers was able to get away with a lot of things that came out of her mouth because she is Joan Rivers, that's who she is.  Maybe some of the comments that were said on this show were in efforts to keep up Rivers' hilarious spirit, but it was a fail on the casts and networks part.  Recruiting Kathy for the position however was a good move, but I believe the network didn't realize that Kathy and Kelly are two people who are not going to take the disrespect and the ignorance of someone, no matter if they are getting paid for it or not, I think they have enough coins to where they will be just fine without Fashion Police.

As we said, these are just reported rumors, and the network released a statement that Fashion Police would return as scheduled on Monday March 30th at 9pm.  But with 2 of the casts gone, it'll be interesting to see how the network will bounce back, I wonder what Joan is saying right now?


Welp guys it has just been reported that Fashion Police will be postponed until September (for bluntly obvious reasons).  To make an education guess, the network is trying to pull so many favors out of jesus' butt himself to find somewhat of an A-List celebrity that will agree to be on this show.  In my opinion, by the end of August we will hear that Fashion Police will be cancelled, who knows I guess we have to stay tuned!

*originally reported by Ny Daily News

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