Ground Breaking Historih!


I don't know what it is about Rihanna but when it means being the first and being the only, she's the center of it,  Literally a week after fronting the first ever digital magazine cover for AnOther Magazine (no really, the cover is digital!) Rihanna & Dior set to make fashion and cultural history,  As of Friday March 13th Rihanna was announced to be the spokesperson and front of Dior's new film and print campaign for their Secret Garden series.  This also means that Rihanna is the first African American spokesperson that Dior has ever had....ever.  If you're not too hip on fashion but are on cultural issues, this is pretty major in every way you can spin it.

No matter if you enjoy her fashion choices, questionable or not, there's no argument that Rihanna is a trendsetter non the less.  And for a fashion house as historic as Dior is to grant her this opportunity speaks volumes.  I am eager and excited to see how this campaign turns out and we can check this off as accomplishment taken in our culture.

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