Lazy Chic: How to Still Be a Sexy Bum

Lazy Sexy Bum

If you recently have listened to our first episode of ChiccTalk then you know our debate about leggings vs. yoga pants.  I am all for yoga pants!  They are comfy, low maintenance, and you can wear it with anything, whether that is dressing it up with some boots and a blue jean shirt or dressing it down.  My preference is dressing it down because lets face it, most of us don't have the energy to dress up every day if we don't have to!  So if you're like me and a lazy fashionista, lazy chic is the way to go.  Getting a dope graphic tee which some yoga pants or joggers is something cute, fun, flirty, but COMFORTABLE!  When you match that with some unique sneakers and a cute mini back pack or over sized handbag, you have achieved the "I don't care I'm still cute look"!

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