OOTD Outfit Challenge!!!

So beauties, if you haven't already tuned in to our first episode of ChiccTalk (check it out here) then you missed a great discussion on some things we hate when it comes to how to dress.  Our next episode that airs tomorrow will cover the second half of that discussion, more so on how to dress in the newly found warm weather.  After thinking about it, we thought it would be cool to hold an OOTD Outfit Challenge (are you excited because we are geeked!).  Here are the details:

Submit a recent OOTD pic that captures a spring/summer look.

Photo must be at least 600x600, we have to be able to see the whole outfit, clear not blurry, and no nudity!

Once you have found or taken your pic submit it here to our OOTD Uploader.
Each submission (after approval) will be feature in our Recent Submissions page of our blog.
The top five outfits we choose will receive a $50 visa gift card to spend on those new spring/summer trends!

We are excited to see the oh so fabulous outfits you guys come up with for this Spring/Summer season.  Deadline is May 8th, good luck and happy snapping!!!


So to make this contest more appealing, we have decided to one, only choose ONE WINNER, and said winner will receive a $100 gift card!!! The contest has also been extended to July 31st, so get your outfits submitted!

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