Roaming The Streets Bold!


With the grand opening of Failed Society quickly approaching, I've explored who all is connected with Failed Society and what makes Failed Society up as a whole. Not only do they consist of dope streetwear clothing, but they are formed by inspiring and talented artists. One of those artists would be Con, an upcoming rapper from the heart of St. Louis:

With the crumbling skeleton of the Carr School serving as a backdrop, Con comments on the symptoms of a society constantly selling itself short. Produced by Michael Franco and shot by Louis Quatorze, Bad Investments blurs the line between the stark blacks and whites of reality as shots melt into each other, bringing you deeper into the disillusionment of the world we live in. Bad Investments is the first preview from Con’s next project, produced entirely by Michael Franco, featuring appearances by Black Spade, Teresa Jenee, Hugh Augustine the MC and others.

All I'm going to say is don't sleep on Con.  I know personally the wannabes of St. Louis who think they can put garbage lyrics together with an ok beat and they'll make it.  Con is the truth.

Want to hear more of Con?  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.  And don't forget.  Failed Society's grand opening is this Saturday, you might just see Con there.

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