The Perception of Makeup: Covering Up Flaws or Creating a New Person?

When it comes to the subject of makeup there are so many different opinions.  But before tackling those opinions and maybe "stereotypes" what is the factual purpose and idea behind makeup?  Makeup whether you want to believe it or not is a true art form.  It is used in a variety of ways including consumer based, television, ads, films, and in many ways of abstract forms of art.  It takes lots of training, schooling, and hours or perfecting this technique in order for anyone to be called a true makeup artist.  More so on the consumer level makeup helps cover up flaws and accentuate our features.  It's a great way to look natural without showing the world a few minor "no nos" we don't want to reveal.

Recently however, there has been much debate over whether the utilization of makeup has gone to the extreme, transforming the entire face and possibly "tricking" others into believing in a whole new person that doesn't exist.  After seeing many before and after selfies, and numerous videos that you all probably have seen as well it's a very interesting debate.

I don't know if I have a clean cut opinion on this situation and here's why.  I do understand from manly a guy's perspective that they are tired of being tricked and bamboozled, I've known a few guys that it has happened to.  But at the same time men do not understand the weight we as women have on us to always maintain a flawless look, and most of it comes from the men who are complaining about being bamboozled by women who use makeup to their advantage and really for what the purpose of it is.  I don't know the experience of having to create a whole new face.  Not saying I'm perfect, beautiful, etc, but I use makeup with what I already have and just bring out those features in my face, and I'm lazy so I do the bare minimum anyway.  I personally hate when guys, however,  give this high standard they their chick can't wear makeup or what not but us wearing makeup is like a guy getting a hair cut.  And the fact is guys don't have to do NEARLY as much as women when it comes to getting ready and looking somewhat presentable, so to the guys, just shutup for once.

I think where the problem exists though is when people apply all of this makeup and act like the face they created is the face they were born with,.  Putting down others who may not look as depart but they themselves look worse once the makeup is washed down the drain.  Those are the people I have a problem with, and that's when I believe makeup is being abused and used as a tool of self gloat.

Is there really a measurement of what is too much makeup?  What do you guys think?  And I would love to hear a great convo between men and women on this matter because it's a topic of concern apparently for a lot of people, so let us know what you think!

ak brown

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