Top 3 Beauty Essentials for Spring (+Link Up!)

top 3 beauty essentials mind of a fashionista

I don't know about you guys, but I am sooooo glad that it is finally Spring!  I could not take the cold weather or snow much longer!  I know it can sometimes be a little tricky transitioning from winter into spring, especially when it comes to makeup, but I always feel that soft natural colors are the best way to go all around, from the face, to the lips, and to the nails.  So with that being said, here are my top 3 beauty essentials that are a must have for this spring season!

tutti frutti tonga opi mind of a fashionista
A pastel nail lacquer

I love pastel colors just for the simple fact that they look really soft and feminine, and when used as a nail color, it just looks so right!  I love this particular nail color, Tutti Frutti Tonga by O.P.I because it is a very soft sensual peach.  You can dress this up with a bit of sparkle by adding gold glitter lacquer to one nail as a glam effect, or utilizing matte top coat to give a very trendy unfinished look to your nails, how chic!

nyx matte lippie mind of a fashionista
A Nude Lippie

I've experimented with a lot of lip colors in my time, from black to right, pink to purple, I always find myself going for the nudes just because it gives such a natural glow to my face.  This Butter Matte Nyx Lippie is perfect for a day of shopping or a lunch date with the girls.  Tip: when going natural, try a shade darker to bring out the complexion in your face!

nars blush mind of a fashionista
Glowing Blush

In order to bring everything together when it comes to your face, I love to add a nice blush that gives a great bronzing effect.  I usually choose a golden orange because it compliments my skin, and it makes my face sparkle in the sunlight.  This Dual Intensity Blush by NARS is the go to blush to give you that natural glow!

Ladies, spring season is a time of grace, and simple yet chic style.  Let's strive to not cake on boats loads of makeup but to choose the corrects forms that will bring out our features the natural way!

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Top 3 Beauty Essentials for Spring

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