What to Bring to a Blogging Conference

what to bring to a blogging conference

Hey gals and guys! So I was prompted to do this post after finding out I was invited to attend the Go Blog Social Conference next weekend in Kansas City! This will be marked as my first ever blogging conference and I am so excited!  But in spite of my excitement I am very nervous because I don't want to be the dufus who doesn't bring the essentials.  Even though this is going to be a lot of fun, it is also a time to learn, make connections, and build on your blog especially if you consider it to be your business like myself and other bloggers do.  I've looked around at so many blogs and have found some great lists on what to bring to a blogging conference, check out ours below!:

Portable charger/back up phone battery

Each day of conference can go on for hours, ours specifically will start at 9am and won't end until 5/6pm.  You want to make sure your phone has enough battery life to capture each moment you need it to, including pictures, accessing social media, and even updating your blog while at the conference.  A battery bank is great, but they also require charging themselves, and depending on the one you purchase it doesn't help that much.  I suggest getting a phone case that charges your phone at the same time, or an extra battery, that way you can pop the dead one out and the charged battery in.

Notebook & pens

As I stated before, this is an opportunity to LEARN!  There are going to be many influential people who have offered their time to speak and teach their ways on how they became successful in the same field we all hope to be successful in.  I suggest bringing a cute notebook and taking handwritten notes, and also coming with general questions for each speakers.  Get as much knowledge that you can, you paid a lot of money to attend this conference why not use it to your advantage!


If you absolutely hate using paper and can't do away with technology, you can bring your tablet with you to take notes and stay up to date on your social media accounts, and then slide ii in your bag when you're done, just make sure it's charged up and ready to go!

Business Cards

This should be a given but I'll state it for this purpose.  There's no point of traveling and paying for this great experience if you can't gain the exposure you deserve.  Bring business cards with your updated information to pass out to other fellow bloggers and businesses that will be there.

Media Kit

I think this is a great idea.  A lot of people are not going to be accessing everyone's blogs until after the conference is said and done, and your media kit is probably embedded into your blog, or on your computer waiting to be sent in an email format.  While networking, media kits are a great way to show off your blog and it's success, and you can do so by typing up a cute organized one page template that everyone can have, maybe even attaching it to your business card in a pamphlet type style.  

Business card holder

If you don't have one of these you need to get one now!  At the conference you are going to get a lot of business cards handed to you and included in the gift bag if the conference provides one.  It would be such a shame to have forgotten a brand or blogger you had hopes of working with because you lost their business card.  I have one in a cute leather pink style from Office Depot that holds 150 business cards.  It's even sleek enough to put into my purse.  You can also purchase business card holder inserts that snap into your binder if you're rolling that way.


This is subject to one's preference, but it's nice to schedule some collabs while you're there with other bloggers.  Just so that you won't forget, a planner is great.

Snacks, gum, mints, and water-bottles

These are going to be some of the longest days you have experienced, so you want to be energized all throughout the day.  I suggest energy or granola bars, or snack sized pouches like Chex Mix, it's little mess involved and you won't go on in the day starving.  Also, make sure you have mints and/or gum in your purse at all times.  It's not a great first impression when your breathe hits before your appearance.  Lastly, make sure to stay hydrated with a water bottle or tumbler.


Comfy Shoes
Hand Lotion
An extra bag (for all of your goodies you will get)
A gift for your roommate
Extension cords for the hotel room
Cash on hand
Deodorant and fragrance mist to freshen up
Emergency makeup kit

We would love to hear the tips you have for what to bring so we can continue to add to our list!  Comment below with your personal lists!

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