Which Shampoo is Right for You

So I'm in the shower washing my hair and the question came to mind "am i using the right shampoo"  There are so many shampoos now a days and for everyone's different hair type, it's important to use the correct shampoo.  Take a look at the different shampoos for each hair type!

Thick Hair

*Rich shampoos without harsh ingredients
*Frizz control
*Lots of natural oils and vitamins

Short Hair

*Choose a shampoo that will cleanse without stripping the hair of the natural oils
*Dry shampoos
Long Hair

*Silicon free
*A light weight shampoo that'll leave the hair light as a feather
Fine/Oily Hair

*Clear shampoos with thickening ingredients such as panthenol or wheat protein
*Look for clarifying shampoos

Damaged/Dry Hair

*Avoid clear shampoos
*Look for rich shampoos with ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate (stripping detergent)
*Shampoos with Shea butter are good for detangling and smoothing the hair

Curly Hair

*Rich shampoos without harsh ingridients

Coarse/Textured Hair

*Creamy shampoos
*Super hydrating shampoos
*Coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and Shea butter are great for moisturizing the hair during cleansing

Color Treated Hair

*Color Protectant
*Helps prevent fading

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