Rebranding: Steps to Take if You're Considering

You guys know I went to Go Blog Social a few weeks ago, and when I tell you I felt so inspired, it's so true!  One thing that struck me was the thought of rebranding and how it can make your personal brand and blog brand much more stronger.  I knew we would have to rebrand eventually because as you all know, Mind of a Fashionista consists of Diamond and myself, and the cheetah print logo everyone knows of is fading from my love.  Of course I will always love it because it was my first logo but it doesn't represent who I am, or what our blog brand is anymore.  And after a great weekend of blogger resources and tips, we have started the process of rebranding Mind of a Fashionista (hints the new logo and blog design).  For those bloggers who are also considering the idea of rebranding, here are some tips I have gathered on how to go about it:

Why are you rebranding?
There has to be a legitimate reason for you to rebrand, not just because you want to follow trend.  To be honest you should ask yourself are you blogging because you enjoy and love it or because everyone else is doing it (I'll get more into that in my blogging 101 segment).  Once you have determined that you're here to stay when it comes to the blogging life then you must find the reason for rebranding.  Are you looking to develop or enter into a new niche?  Are you wanting to give your blog a new persona or attitude?  Or maybe you have changed your blog entirely with a new name, new blog category, or new people added on?  Whatever the reason may be, once you have found that reason everything else will be easy.

Implementing new design features
Now it's time to show your readers and the rest of the world the new "you".  This step is going to be whatever works better for you.  We did everything in one night actually.  I made our new logos that we could use for the time being (which was easy, again blogging 101 segment) and searched for a blog design that would suit our needs.  Finding a template isn't as hard as it sounds, ours cost $6.00 for the premium template and it's a very minimal, black and white theme.  Since our main color scheme is black and white we thought it would be perfect.  After your blog template has been installed and you feel happy with the outcome, change alllllllllllllllllllllllllll social media profile pictures with your new logo, as the next step will follow and tie everything together.

Announce your change to the world
After everything has been implemented, take to your blog and social media accounts and share the new changes.  I also suggest using your subscription mailing service and announcing the changes to your subscribers, this way everyone is on board and more so not confused once they see your new logo and template.

After you have completed those steps, I suggest getting the necessary stationary and business cards to tie everything in.  But I put this as the last step just because the other steps are way more important.  You can get away with using your old business cards as long as your information is correct, and just announce the new change while networking as an "ice breaker" while talking.

Other steps to use when announcing your rebranding
Host a giveaway in honor of your new brand
Host a link up party in honor of your new brand
Host a follow party in honor of your new brand

There are definitely more steps that you can take just depending on where you are at in your blogging life.  If you have any we would love to hear them!

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