Don't Make Yourself Up With Makeup

Makeup is something that should highlight your features, it's not something that should transform your natural facial features. People should still be able to recognize you when you wear makeup compared to when you do not. Think of it as an accessory for your face. If the focus of your look is a blouse, you wouldn't wear too much jewelry that would take away from that focus, would you?

I think women wear a ton of makeup because they're insecure and this is a great way to hide what they don't love about themselves. Many of the prettiest girls are the ones wearing a ton of makeup. When you see them wearing absolutely no makeup, they look like a completely different person. I imagine after years of pilling on the makeup, they find themselves relying on it to believe they are pretty as people never see them without it.

Apparently, 80% of women go a month before letting their boyfriends see them without wearing makeup. They either sleep in their makeup or get up early to put on their makeup so their boyfriend doesn't see them without it. So women are wearing a mask consistently for a month to keep a man that may be attracted to their looks. He has seen the exterior beauty of this mask for a month and after a month they expect the man to appreciate their natural beauty?

I wonder what percentage of these women still have that same boyfriend after a month. These women have conditioned their men to appreciate the look they've created and they're pretty much saying that they don't find themselves attractive without their makeup. By doing this, men will either appreciate their inner beauty more and find them even more attractive without makeup or men may think they need to wear makeup to be attractive as they have presented the message that they need to wear makeup.

I believe the only exception to wearing a heavy amount of makeup is if you're in front of a camera or if it's Halloween. It can sometimes take a heavy amount of makeup for any of it to show up on a stage, photo shoot or taping. if you're going to be a certain character for Halloween, it may require you to wear a lot of makeup for people to recognize you as that character.

The most makeup I wear on an everyday basis is lip gloss. I tend to wear makeup if I am feeling inspired one day, going out or doing something special and it is still kept to a minimum. It will usually involve powder or bronzer, lipstick, eyeshadow and maybe mascara. I enjoy highlighting my features but I want to look and feel natural for the most part. If I am wearing a heavy amount of makeup, I have to be careful not to get it on my clothes, not to touch my face and not to get it on other people. It can be hassle, at least it is for me.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy putting on makeup and getting glam but I hate the process of taking it off and it's just not necessary to wear so much makeup. You're beautiful just the way you are and once you realize that, you'll discover that makeup is an accessory and
not a need.

Lady Stylistique

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  1. Totally agree. Unfortunately, I always feel the need to wear a little bit of makeup everyday :/
    I wish I felt as comfortable as you! Maybe one day <3
    Enclothed Cognition

  2. Oh trust I need makeup here and there as well, but you still can recognize who I am lol!