Everyone Can't Be A Fashion Blogger...Get Over It

everyone cant be a fashion blogger

Fashion blogging....everyone thinks they can do it, and from someone who takes this very seriously I am here to say...it's not true so STOP! (proceeds to hit the computer screen as if I was smacking the shit out of someone).  Fashion blogging, when done right, can be a very profitable and fulfilling business, but is also a trend and looked at as a joke thanks to half of the female population.  Why?  Because every female who is somewhat "fashionable", or at least what we conisder fashionable in our society thinks that all they have to do is post a few decent outfit posts and boom, they're a fashion blogger.  To all of my real "fashion bloggers" out there I know you can feel my frustration because it's simply annoying.  Fashion blogging is, what should be, and more importantly what our brand represents is original opinions on different topics in fashion (besides outfits) that spark conversation which makes the reader think, and gets the mind going.  More so, a fashion blogger needs to have some basic skills as well.  For instance, a fashion blogger needs to learn how to construct a grammatically correct sentence let alone a few paragraphs.  Blogging equal writing, and to not look like a fucking joke, using your English education in the proper way is necessary.  Developing a basic skill of photography is helpful not only for original pictures on your blog, but also in social media promotion as well.  Speaking of that, you have to learn, understand, and eventually master how to effectively promote yourself and your brand on different types of social media outlets.  Then there's SEO optimization, understanding CSS and HTML codes when designing your blog template, the list goes on and on, like you jokers don't understand what all goes into being a TRUE FASHION BLOGGER!  And I haven't even touched on spending your own dime to review products and go to fashion shows in order to get somewhat of your foot in the door.  I understand that people looking from the outside in see the perks of well established bloggers, but do you all really think it comes without any hard work?  Well it does, and unless you're willing to treat this as another full time job, you're going to fall flat on your face, and I'm just that petty to laugh right in your face.  It's an insult to real bloggers who work hard every day and night just to get half the recognition they deserve.  

Long story short, fashion blogging is for the big boys, enter at your own risk.