Style is Timeless

There is major misconception that fashion and style are one in the same when they are vastly different. Fashion is about wearing the latest trends while style is about wearing what identifies you. Fashion is what the world wants you to wear at any given time. Style is about who you are as an individual and what you want to accomplish in life. It involves everything from your color choices all the way to the brands you select.

That's not to say that someone with a sense of style can't be in tune with fashion or vice versa but there is a distinct difference between the two. Ideally, you want to be someone who has a sense of fashion and style and someone who has good taste.

This is why I enjoy being a professional stylist. For me, it's not about finding something that will look good on a person or implementing my style on that individual. It's about discovering their personality, figuring out what they want to accomplish and bringing to life the beauty and confidence they possess. It's about presenting yourself to the world without saying a word. I find that your appearance leaves a bigger impression on people who do not know you than what you do or say (to a certain extent). It's not about dressing for yourself or others, it's about maintaining your image.

Do you notice that after hanging around a certain person for a while, you start speaking like them and involve yourself in similar behaviors? Believe it or not, the same can be said for the way you dress. If we dressed for ourselves, many of us would not wear what we wear to work and possibly not even what we wear when going out. Yet, we may wear it anyway because it's what everyone else around us tends to wear (if we're not required to). Have you ever gone out and felt underdressed, overdressed or simply out of place because people weren't wearing things similar to you? When you possess great style, you are able to reflect who you are and possess great confidence in which it doesn't matter what other people are wearing. You become in tuned with your image in a way that allows people to associate you with your inner beauty without knowing you.

This is because your inner beauty and confidence has truly come to life. For example, when you wear a suit your mindset tends to change. You feel and look professional so you are inclined to speak in a professional manner. When you see someone in a suit, you think of them in this way as well.

This is why style is timeless. Your personal style will never go "out of style". Just because no one else is wearing it doesn't mean you should stop wearing it as well. If the piece truly reflects you, you should continue wearing it (unless you've changed). This is why confidence is so important. It's difficult for someone who has low self-esteem to be in tuned with their personal style as people will try to break you down for not wearing what they think you should wear. Define your style and live by it because it truly makes a difference in your life.

Lady Stylistique
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