The F*** is Wrong with Cosmo?

Dolls, I have a problem.  To start off, my good friend Laura tags me in this picture that another young lady saw that Cosmopolitan put up, I'm guessing showcasing the beauty trends that are out and the ones that are in....ohhh my god.  First off I have dropped my level of "likeness" of their magazine to the lowest point, I have just been annoyed with a lot of their stories they choose to write or more so blast on social media, it's just not my cup of tea.  So to see this on top of that puts a real bad taste in my mouth.  I don't think they tried to do this intentionally (lets hope not) but as a magazine you have to look for shit like this, avoid it at all costs, and most importantly have writers, editors, and staff that know not to have this portrayed how it is.  What that is you might ask, well let me ask you a question.  Why is it that the "R.I.P" pics are all women of color and the "Hello Gorgeous" pics are all European women?  In the eyes of most women of other races and ethnicity  besides European, it looks shady, it looks distasteful, and it looks offensive.  Again, I don't think this was their intent, but it sometimes doesn't matter what their intent is but more so what the end result is.

What do you guys think of this particular article, comment below!

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