TREND ALERT! Dying Your Armpit Hair?!?

OK Fashionistas, I am appalled at the fact that (1) this is a trend and (2) that this is a trend.

I knew that this was worth writing about because I heard about it twice in the same day within 4 hours of each other from 2 completely different people that don't even know each other.

Apparently, women are not only growing out their armpit hair, but they are DYING IT! And no, they aren't dying it just to get rid of some grey hair here and there, but they're dying them some of the most crazy colors known to man. Some of the women dying them the same color as the hair on the top of their head. Basically, it's like me growing out my armpit hair and dying it sky blue. Now, for those women out there who choose not to shave their armpits, that's fine, just don't wear sleeveless shirts and wave your arms in the air. Ha ha!

Here is a picture of Lady Ga Ga performing and it's not completely clear whether or not she started this trend, but in my personal opinion, it does NOT need to catch on AT ALL! And don't let me find out that my lovely Fashionistas are dying their pubic hair. That sounds like an infection waiting to happen (and thank God that the colored pubs she's sporting here are fake and I hope the armpit hair is fake too)!

For anybody who's ever dyed their hair any color that's brighter than their natural hair color, you probably had to bleach your hair some shade of blonde so that the color can take to your hair and show, right? The smell of bleach is HORRIBLE on top of your head. Can you imagine the burnage that will be going on in your nose trying to bleach your underarm hair? I can't even see someone having hair left in their nose after that process. Seriously!

These women must be doing this in the summer time and always wearing sleeveless shirts because if you wear a shirt with sleeves, your shirt's going to be completely ruined. Like... a semi-permanent doesn't stop rinsing from your hair so the moment you sweat, it's wetting the hair and the shirt and
now you have not only an embarrassing sweat stain, but an embarrassing colorful sweat stain under your arms.

Fashionistas, I don't wanna see you doing this when the summer time is in full swing. Dealing with sweaty armpits is too much to deal with on its own. Don't be out there with the unicorn sweat under your arms. I don't think it looks good. It's very interesting, but I don't think this should be an everyday norm.

Oh! And Fashionistos, you aren't exempt either!