What it Means to Get Dressed


When you get dressed, what is your thought process? Is it just about the outfit you've put together or is it something more? I hope you put more thought into it than that.

Getting dressed means getting ready to present yourself to the world. It's about displaying your inner beauty by wearing the pieces of yourself that you want people to see. If you want to show your confidence today, you should get dressed accordingly. Wearing a bold lip is an easy way to wear confidence or select a heel to grab people's attention.

It's also about expressing how you feel at any given moment. If you feel depressed, then maybe you'll wear your hair in a messy bun and put on some sweats to attach your feelings to comfort. You could also decide to wear something sexy to put yourself in a better mood or wear a professional suit because you like to "work" through your pain. It just depends on your personal style.

Getting dressed is about creating a look that will allow you to accomplish your goals for the day in a way that speaks to who you are. Someone who is well-dressed successfully presents her style in the way that she envisioned and that other people can easily recognize..

So tomorrow when you wake up, I hope you decide to get dressed and not just throw on some clothes.
Lady Stylistique

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