And the Liesbter Goes to.....!

As you all know we have been nominated for the Liebster Award, thanks once again to Living Lesh for the nomination!  In my post I said I would nominate 3 bloggers but I lied, why?  Because one I do what I want, but two I loved all of these blogs so much that I felt they were all deserving!  So I nominate....

Breelicious Bites (love the name!)
MsLuLu2U for the Liebster Award!

To the blogger nominated please copy and paste the picture above, this is your blog button to display on your site so that everyone knows you were nominated!  Also click here to see your questions I want you to answer, once you're done with your post it's up to you to choose bloggers worthy of the Liebster Award!  Congrats and good luck!

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