Beauty Corner: Get Your Hair Right w/ These Products!

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As women, we have always been told that our hair is our crown, and in order to protect that crown you have to use the right products and treat your hair right!  Well these products are sure to keep that beautiful crown polished and looking right all of the time!

To start, Mastey  Hair Products will "cleanse, condition, and protect your hair color from fading" and for someone who has had their hair colored numerous times I understand the importance of this to a tea.  Mastey uses Olive Oil for softness and shine, Argan Oil for conditioning and heat protection, and Grape Seed Extract to keep your hair color vibrant.  I've used their products from their sulfate free color protecting shampoo, color protecting daily conditioner, color protecting leave in therapy spray, and their color protecting volumizing foam.  I used these products with my natural hair, and have used these with my hair in braids and it still works the same, making my hair feel hydrated, soft, and nourished!

Wella products are also great for nourishing the hair and also helping keep your hair style last all night.  First , Wella's smoothing oil is something you can use everyday, it keeps your hair suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper soft, and it feels as if you just washed your hair each time you've applied it!  Now once your hair is styled and looking right, Wella's Finish Acabado helps your hair stay in place without the nasty "stiff" feeling.  

Both of these brands are great for anyone with a multitude of hair textures that wants to maintain healthy hair.  Visit and to check out their whole line of hair care products.

*this post was partly sponsored byMastey

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