Become An UnderWarrior (#SaveTheUndies)

As a fashion blogger I am constantly on the go at different events, sometimes gone from sun up until hours after sun down.  But what I have learned is that Mother Nature doesn't give a f*** about what fashion shows there are, when it's time to flow it's time to flow (lol).  I guess I should be grateful because if it didn't flow my belly would be kicking with a bouncing baby inside of me, but it's still frustrating to tailor my outfits around my period.  Sometimes you want to wear white pants or a cute skin tight skirt but with the feminine products out there, it's too risky because of leakage and that "bulky" look and feeling.  Well today, as my readers, I have appointed you all UnderWarriors in the fight to #SaveTheUndies presented by U by Kotex.  U by Kotex has changed how I, and many others have viewed pads, panty liners, tampons, and other feminine products.  They have designed these products in a way that makes us feel comfortable and confident to wear whatever we want, without feeling scared that something might leak out, which keeps you one step ahead!


I personally love the Clean Wear Ultra Thin Heavy Flow Pads and the Regular Ultra Thin Security Pads.  Both of these pads have 3D Capture Core, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks.  Both of these pads also have super soft sides, uniquely shaped wings for a secure fit, deep channels to flex and fit, free of artificial scents and fragrances, easy open wrappers with fashionable, fearless designs, and so much more!  Now I can go on and on about what U by Kotex can do for you but why not just try for yourself.  Clicky on the nice pic below to get your free samples. 

Click here for free samples of U by Kotex

Once you got them tweet and Instagram your experience with the hashtag #SaveTheUndies and boom, you're a UnderWarrior!  Let's get to it and save one undie at a time!

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