Blogging: The WHOLE Truth

The life of a Blogger is wonderful! You get to go to private parties, sip on the latest vodka and you are always sure to rub elbows with some cool designers.  This life is so simple!! Its as easy as walking through the door and announcing your arrival.  STOP!!
That is a lie.
It will always be a lie.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.  “Its so easy!!”  Well whoever said this, can honestly just…die (figuratively, not physically people).
Here is what people think blogging is:
·      Giggles & Sunshine
·      Fashion Shows Non-Stop
·      Constant Flow of Free Goodie Bags (Really Good Goodie Bags)
·      No Work Needed
·      Dressing Up & Instagram Photos
·      Free Non-Stop Booze & Food
·      Instant Connections With Designers
And that’s where I’m going to stop you, again.  Yes, it seems like a very glamorous life, being invited to parties, swanky spots around the city, and it can be very glamorous I can contest to that, but what you don’t see it the hard work bloggers put in to be able to say that they have rubbed elbows with half of the “wealthy” people in St. Louis. Being a blogger is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life, it how we breathe, how we think, the way we operate.  Most bloggers you see are social butterflies, they always seem to know everyone, and everyone knows them.
 The reason behind that?
Bloggers cultivate relationships with everyone they come across, & we always make sure to maintain a good standing relationship with them for future reasons, some as friends, others for business.  When I decided that I wanted to be a blogger, I didn’t have a “Bloggers Guide” to go by. I winged it at every turn, half the time I had no idea what I was doing all I knew was that I had a voice and I wanted to be heard. When it came time to do “review” posts of products I had to pay for EVERYTHING! Nothing is given to you.
Everyone who knows me, knows I have a serious obsession with lipstick (I have an collection of 80+ and still going strong), with that obsession is the price I have to pay for each of them. My lipstick collection ranges in the prices of $0.99 up to $40.00 (taxes included). No ones buys or sponsors me for any of it. I buy it all because it truly LOVE beauty, I truly LOVE fashion.  Being a blogger is a “JOB”. If and when you decided to get serious about blogging you will find yourself working it as if it WAS a fulltime job.  One of the main reasons I’m writing this post is due to this comment on a blog on a friend of mines, The Mind Of A Fashionista based on the same topic I’m discussing:
 There is a big difference between a fashion blogger and a personal style blogger. All bloggers aren't trying to go into business - that's not the only point of a blog. And many trying to go into business aren't producing great content. People have been blogging forever and I know plenty of great bloggers who have been around since the LiveJournal days who have no desire to ever be a business. In fact, some of the best bloggers I know refuse payment because that's not their goal, and they prefer to maintain an ethical, journalistic approach (church & state) to content. There isn't anything wrong with that.
"Blog" and "job" aren't synonymous and shouldn't be, in my opinion. I love that there are a lot of individuals out there seeking to support each other and help each other grow. To each their own, especially when it comes to writing stories! That's why MWIN offers personal development to help bloggers achieve their goals... not the goals we set for them, but the goals they've set for themselves.
So my response to this comment is: Shut the hell up!!
Let me explain why.
In one sense I agree that there is a difference between being a fashion blogger over a personal style blogger, but they do cross paths quite often. I also agree with the point that all bloggers main goal is not to make it a business, and for them this is a hobby.  That’s fine for them hunny, not for me.
Now here’s the part that pisses me off.
"Blog" and "job" aren't synonymous and shouldn't be, in my opinion.
Now that’s fine for you to be a blogger and not want to make it a career, I can whole heartedly respect that, but to say that it shouldn’t be considered a job is like telling me not to breathe. Especially when I plan to make this a defining career move. I will call my blog a job and I DARE you to tell me otherwise (Please do it, I have fun making people cry).
Here’s my opinion: Shove your opinion where the sun don’t shine!  For some of us blogging is our lives, it is our jobs, and the last thing I’m going to do is to let anyone think its easy or that you shouldn’t take it as serious as a job. Think of it as such, cultivate it until it works for you, and In my case, I plan to be the best at what I do!
Peace, Love & Bargains,

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  1. I couldn't have said it better! :] Blogging can really only ever be a hobby for me, but I still treat it like a part-time "job" even though I'm not trying to make money off of people! At the end of the day, it's still my tiny little corner of the universe and what I put in there is a reflection of me, so I want it to be good! Blogging can definitely be a full-time job, and that takes a whole hell of a lot of work--people need to realize and respect that!

  2. So true, Aziza could not have said it better and I am glad this was a post she decided to contribute, it actually inspired me to record a youtube video on this same topic!

  3. Blogging can absolutely be a job. Yes, for many people it starts off as a hobby but it can flourish into much more than that.
    Nice post!

  4. Thank You So Much!! Im glad that I am able to write something that other people can relate to. I also want to congradulate you on your venture, it takes a lot of commitment to be a blogger. Kudos!!

  5. I'm saddened that you called out someone so influential in our community like this. If it is all right for you to have an opinion on blogging as a job vs not as a job, why isn't it okay for her to express her own opinion as well? I never would have thought that leaving a comment on a post would cause someone to get blasted in a later post, hence why I generally don't leave comments in the first place. And why I'm hesitant to even leave this comment at all.

  6. Hi there,

    I left this original comment, so I thought I would provide some clarification. My comment was positive, stating that everyone is allowed to have their own goals and no one should be condemned for that goals.

    Blog and job are not synonymous, but that doesn't mean that having a blog can't be your full time job - of course it can. I help people create jobs out of their blogs every day. I also respect those who don't want their blogs to be their jobs.

    I believe in supporting each other regardless of our personal goals around blogging or otherwise being active online. That was my point - which seems to be lost here. :) I'm not an active blogger myself, but I work with bloggers every day and I'm inspired by each and every one of them - whether brand new or established, whether making a career or blogging as a hobby, whether blogging their personal style or speaking as an expert on fashion trends, industry and so on.

    I think it's beautiful that so many have found their voices through blogging, and I firmly believe we should always support each other for that reason, and many others.

    I'm also always around and accessible if you ever want to chat. :)


  7. Jill Aziza wasn't blasting anyone, she simply took to her blog and expressed how she feels. Lindsay's comment sparked a great debate, and im so glad she left the comment. The fact is Aziza doesn't sugar coat or hold anything back, that's what makes her an authentic blogger, and if i didn't feel that what she had to say AND how she said it wasn't important I wouldn't have included it on my blog and I can say she didn't mean any disrespect to Lindsay personally.

  8. Hi there!

    I LOVE debating! And I'm glad that's happening. I feel my comment was misunderstood though. Blogging is absolutely a profession. But it doesn't have to be a profession. Creating for the sake of creating is a beautiful thing, and I would never want to demean someone's personal goals just because they don't want to be a professional blogger.

    The summary of my comment: Be nice to each other and support each other at all costs! Like we always say.... "community before competition!".

    Warm wishes,

  9. I think we can all agree that blogging is a huge time and energy (and monetary) commitment and so if you are going to start blogging, you better find something you are in love with to blog about... Whether your blog's intentions is to make that love into some money (job) or just share your love with someone else (hobby), you definitely better love it, because it becomes your life!