Emergency Beauty Bag

What's a girl to do when you're on your way for a date & you realize to totally forget to put on deodorant? Do you panic? Do you turn around and head back home to be a no show? Or do you totally just freak out?

Nope. Nada. None of the above.

You whip out your hands down, never leave the house without it- Emergency Beauty Bag. I LIVE for this bag. I can't begin to tell you how many times this kit has saved my hide. 
I'm a kind of person who is always and I mean ALWAYS on the go, so having this handy is crucial (in my case) to my very being. With this kit, I can be ready for anything, especially on those days where it feels like everything is going wrong. 
Whether it be a missing button, ashy hands or I simply forgot my lipstick (which f.y.i. will NEVER happen), I know that I always have a backup.

Here's an in depth list of my Emergency Beauty Bag

An EOS balm & Mac Lipstick (in the color Touch)
Travel pack of Kleenex Tissues
A comb
Lint Roller
Double Stick Fashion Tape
Wet Ones antibacterial wipes
Dove deodorant
Twistband hair ties
Extra Phone Charger
Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste
Nail Polish Remover Pads (I have these in abundance- Thanks Mom!!)
Petroleum Jelly (regular lotion just doesn't work for me)
Blotting Tissues
Nail Filer
Boscia Sunscreen
Lumene Bright Now Pore Minimizer
Extra hair ties & clips
Edge Control (Lets be real, i'm black and I have edges- enough said)
Stain Remover Pads ( for that crisp white shirt you love
Breath mints & candies ( this comes in handy much more often than one would think)
Mini Sewing kit complete w/extra buttons
And Last but not least...
Tooth Picks

Alright ladies so now that you have seen what keeps me fabulous while on the go, I challenge you to make a kit of your own to keep you just as beautiful!
Later Babes!

Peace, Love & Bargains!

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