How to Make Money Blogging (PT.1); Affiliate Companies, Ad Space, & Content Creation Sites


Making money with our blogs is something a lot of us hope to do in some point in our blogging career.  There are actually many different ways to make money blogging with affiliate companies, ad space, and content creation sites.

With affiliate companies, most of them use ads and links through your blog that your readers can click on.  For each click, it generates revenue that you will be paid out for.  The one we use is Google Adsense.  They create ads based off of your blog's content and place them on your site.  We've been using them for a while, and it can't take a while to generate revenue.  But once you start growing your blog, your revenue will grow as well.  Here is a list of other affiliate sites for bloggers:

Another great way to earn money from your blog is through ad space.  Companies and other bloggers definitely use this tool to help market their brand, and you can earn some extra spending money if you set reasonable prices.  We currently use Passionfruit Ads, and I love them.  First and foremost they are inexpensive, only $9 a month and the first month is free.  They never take money from what you make, and they make it so easy to set everything up.  Here are some more ad space sites to check out:

  1. Ad Media
  2. Burst Media
  3. Sovrn
  4. Blog Ads
Finally, another way to earn money is to be a content creator.  Being a content creator means you would be creating original content for companies for major corporations that they work with.  You have the opportunity to earn some major cash!  Check out these content creation sites, and if you meet the guidelines sign up!

  1. BlogHer
  2. Global Influence
  3. Social Fabric
  4. SITS Girls
  5. Clever Girls Collective
  6. Mom Central
  7. Collectively
  8. Linqia
  9. Izea
  10. Markerly
  11. Shop At Home
  12. Latina Mom Bloggers
  13. The Motherhood
  14. Mami Innovative Media
  15. Be Blogalicious
  16. Pollinate
  17. One-2-One Network
  18. Double Duty Divas
  19. Social Moms
  20. Mom Bloggers Club
  21. Mom Select
  22. Niche Parent Network
  23. Mom Spark Media
  24. Stiletto Media
  25. Ella Media
  26. GigaSavvy
  27. Bookieboo
  28. Sway Group (by invitation only)
  29. Sverve
  30. BlogDash
  31. Social Insiders
  32. Green Moms Meet
  33. Mom It Forward
  34. Tap Influence
  35. Mom Dot Media
  36. Mom Impact
  37. Bookie Boo

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