Pop Some Bubbly and Pour it on Your Head!

Now, I know Beyonce said not to drop that alcohol, but what about pouring it on your head?!? And no, I'm not talking about dying your hair a deep red wine color. Now I've heard of some crazy things that people put on their hair (like egg yolks and urine to treat dandruff) for whatever the reason is, but I can honestly say that I never saw this coming!

Apparently, red wine has some things in it that can do some great things for your hair.

Word is that it's a natural ingredient that gives your hair a lustrous shine and can also fix hair problems like frizz, hair loss, dryness, and dandruff. Red wine contains resveratrol and is considered a preventer of hair loss. It keeps down inflammation and the death of cells, which causes your hair to fall out. For this reason, it aids in hair growth. Consuming only half a glass (depending on the size of your cup ;-)) a day increases the blood flow and circulation in the scalp and gives strength to the vessels reducing flakiness, dandruff and the itchiness of the scalp. You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair, but for that shine boost and frizz reduction, simply rinse the hair with the red wine. I just hope it doesn't stain the sink/shower. Have you seen what red wine does to clothes and carpets?!? It's a disaster!

I just have one question! Does the boxed wine work just as well as the bottled wines from the grocery store or Napa Valley? Ha ha! Don't shake your head because I know you were probably thinking the same thing!

So! If you're EVER in a situation where someone decides that they would rather pour their wine on you Basketball Wives style instead of drinking it, don't be upset. Your hairstyle would be ruined, but hey, you just got a quick, impromptu masque treatment that will benefit your skin and hair. Hmph! Me personally, I'd rather drink it (even though I don't necessarily like the taste of red wine, but that may be because it was boxed... ha ha!), but hey, more power to you!

A glass a day keeps the clogged drains away! Have you tried it? Tell me what you think!

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