Society's Views Don't Make Your Outfit Better

fashion and society

I apologize first hand if I come off cliche with a bit of frustration, but this just has to be addressed.  In the world of fashion, we are surrounded by standards that 75% of the common consumer won't achieve.  For one, most of us are hard working middle class Americans that can't spend all of our money on the latest haute couture ensembles as soon as they hit the runway.  Second and most importantly, everyone is not the same, and doesn't look so cute, tiny, and sexy when we follow the trends that aren't designed for our body types.  So we do what we can, and get clothes are are affordable for us that resemble the look we desire to the best of it's ability.  But how do you do that if you simply don't know how to dress according to your true self instead of what society says?

 Being someone who is technically, TECHNICALLY considered "plus size", I learned a long time ago that size doesn't matter and I can where whatever I want if I execute it in a tasteful manner.  Let's not get shit twisted, I have a great figure that many women have complimented me on and many men have desired over, and I don't hear the Mr. Mr. complaining one bit.  But in society's eyes, I sometimes have to shop in the plus size section where the clothes aren't as aesthetically attractive and look just blah (in my KeKe voice).  And with that, the problem I had was I was so fixated on following a trend to the tea that I would copy the outfit from head to toe, but it didn't look as appealing   I looked awkward, uncomfortable, and didn't seem confident in executing the outfit the way it needed to.

I believe the art of being comfortable in your own style is knowing what looks good on you and what doesn't.  It's so important to pay attention to color, detail, fabric, and cut of anything you wear in order to execute your outfit right.  And just because society tells you that your body type shouldn't wear this or shouldn't wear that doesn't mean you have to listen.  Experiment, do a trial and error process, and test out the different ways to wear a piece that compliments you the best.  I have seen many "plus size blogger" (I think that term should be removed) that have worn outfits much better than a blogger who is a size 2 or 4.  And newsflash, stop basing what you should where and how you should wear it off of these wannabe models on Instagram that wear the same outfits from these "boutiques" on Instagram.  Be true to your own style, and develop your style by experimenting.  If society doesn't agree, you sometimes have to tell society to fuck off, I believe that's how some of the best trend setters were born.

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