They Say NO? It's OK!

When it comes to blogging, getting companies to work with you is something all of us hope to do.  It shows that we're moving up in the blogging world and that what we do is good enough for companies to utilize our services.  But what happens if you reach out to a company and they respectfully decline?  Well in all honesty it's OK.  There might be a vast amount of reasons why a company chooses not to work with you.  Many of times it's because companies have a certain budget for free items or promotional coupons to bloggers and other influential people.  It could be that they have already exceeded their budget for that period.  Whatever the reason may be don't feel regret by reaching out because whether you receive a yes or a no, you still have marketed your name to that company.  It might turn out that they'll use your services once the opportunity comes around.  What I suggest doing is to follow up every few months or so to keep your name fresh in their minds, and also include an updated media kit too.  Eventually you'll be able to work with them in some way, it's just persistence is key.

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