What's Your Beauty Routine?


So I was just getting ready and thinking about what all I do for my beauty routine, and what other's do for theirs.  Simple I know, it's not complicated, just wanted to see if anyone does the same things I do lol!  My beauty routine consists of this:

Vaseline for my lips, it helps exfoliate for any lipstick I might where that day

I wash my face with Dove soap and then with Noxzema, then moisturize with Clearasil

For my piercings (nose and nipples) I use a basic saline solution to clean out the piercings to keep them from getting infected

Deodarant obviously, I love Degree spray on, it dries instantly

And lastly, lotion up with some type of Bath & Body Works or Victoria Secret products

Let me know what you do for your routine!

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