Love & Relationships: Why Cant Women Be in Control of Their Kitty?


So as you all know we started this new category, Love & Relationships.  Even though we're fashion bloggers I think it's ok for us to veer off into other categories, it keeps our minds fresh and frankly, we can do what the fuck we want, it's our blog (lol).  But anyway, this topic spoke to me because I am sooooooooooo tired of the double standard about how men can do what they want with their penis and get praised for it but if women do it we get called hoes.  First and foremost if you know me you know I am a very sexual person.  I don't mind talking about sex, and I don't mind engaging in it.  Not saying I have sex with everyone, but the person I do choose to have sex with, let's just say they don't complain.  I don't mind talking about sex toys, sex positions, piercings, none of that, because in a way I think it's liberating.

When it comes to sex I am tired of hearing and people saying how if women give it up on the first night we're not considered "wifey material".  BULL SHIT!  I'm sorry but it is.  Of course I've heard the reasoning behind this theory of why marry the cow if you can get the milk for free (or some nonsense like that) but I think there's a big difference if a woman is choosing to just have sex with you and if she is having sex with everyone.  No matter if it happens on the first night or months down the line, if she's only having sex with you, how does that take away from her credibility to be your "wife" so to speak?

The fact is sex is a major part of a relationship, you cannot argue that.  Another fact is you cannot deny or control attraction when it happens.  And third fact, shit just happens.  But just because I decide to have sex with you because we're both feeling each other and we're both horny and like sex doesn't not make me wifey material, no sir negative.  To be honest I rather get the sex part out the way first, because if I wait and you can't long stroke it, I'm going to be one mad chick.  

Sex shouldn't take away from someone's quality as far as if they're wife material or not, more so because a woman should be able to choose what she wants to do with her body and not feel guilty just like men do.  Now it would be a different story if she was having sex with multiple dudes in a week or even in a day or had multiple boyfriends (still her choice but, not highly respected). No matter if you have sex with her on the first night or after a few months, she can still be a ho regardless, and waiting a few months doesn't guarantee you have weeded out if she's a ho or not.

Where I think the problem comes in is feelings sometimes get intertwined into something that is considered by one party as a one night stand, or friends with benefits.  I will admit, us a women love putting a meaning, title, and feelings to actions we are given, but what you men don't realize is we want you to be upfront with us.  If you don't wanna take it farther than sex let us know.  Our feelings might be hurt for a little minute, but we'll get over it.  We rather be hurt a little in the beginning than to look stupid down the road, and we will respect you sooooooooooo much more if you men were to just be honest.

I want to know what you all think, do you have a rule on when you give up the kitty, and if so what are your reasonings behind it